Тraffic-TV (for IPTV)

Full interactive TV, access to the video-data of real time is only some examples of services which can receive IPTV - operators. Today in real time we offer translation of TV and video as the applications, capable to initiate a new level in development of branch of the fixed telecommunications. Thanks to high technologies of processing of video and own fiber-optical highways we can provide content delivery (video) in IP networks.

The system of video services consists of such basic parts: video complex (the device of gathering of the video data), system of processing of the video data, a complex of management of services and the client equipment on a network of the operator. All these components function in IP-environment and are over an existing network of data transmission.
The video complex is responsible for data gathering in a digital format, in a mode of real time receives video- and audiostreams from different sources and forms a content. The processing system carries out coding, preparation of the data in a necessary format, compression and information transfer in a complex of management of services. The processing complex transfers various formats and data presentations for various consumers. Content consumers are connected to a complex of management by services for access reception to the data. At this level our interaction with clients who use our content in IPTV services, for display of video of the data to portals is organized, formations of cartographical layers of road conditions, preparation of TV of programs etc. Thus we deliver our data to a platform of the operator in the prepared kind for the subsequent integration in middleware, VoD – systems, a WEB-portal, other applications of the client.