How function of a site "Routes" works? And what is it? The section "Routes" allows for each registered user to create own routes and not to waste time on daily searches of the necessary webcam. This service, first of all, for use of fast viewing of a situation through the MOBILE PHONE since it is quickly loaded and, accordingly, cheaply manages. Check up!


For example, you have created a route "office-home", add in one webcams which are on your way. Now leaving your office you can see quickly live video from all webcams on SINGLE page simultaneously. If road traffic on this route is heavy, better to leave office later when the traffic will decrease, or to choose other route.
To use function "Routes" it is necessary to be registered on a site videoprobki or to come on a site under the name and the password.
After you are logged in you are placed directly on your page. On a page you can look or change your personal options (login, the password), can add cams which often use in the Favorites cams or to construct Personal routes.
In the right part of a window under map you have two bookmarks: the Favorite cams and Personal routes. Lets see Favorite cams in more details.
From mane pages of site (map, the list of all cams or live video) you can add the cam in section of Favorite cams. Favorite cams will be stored there until you don't want them to remove (near to each cam in section Favorites is the button to "remove"). Cams in section are sorted by areas which can be closed or opened for more convenient work.
Now in more details about section "Personal routes"
First time there are no own routes, but you have a possibility to create them .
  1. We click on the button "New route";
  2. In the appeared field we write the route name (for example "office-home") and press the gray button or press "enter";
  3. After that you get to a route. Here you can change a name of a route (button "Change"), remove a route (button "Remove"), add necessary cams in a route or return back to the list of already created routes.
To add cam in a route you can from any place of a site - it is possible to click on "to add the cam" and to choose the cam from the list of all cams, it is possible to find the cam on map or in section "All cams", "Live video" to click on it and in an emerging window to choose "to Add the cam in a route... (The Name of your route)".
After all cams have been added in a route, you can sort cams in a necessary order (for this purpose it is necessary to press in the list of cams of the given route the right key of mouse on arrows which are placed on the left of each cam of a route and to drag it in a proper place. After that it is necessary to press the button to "save" to keep change in a route).
Having created a route you can look each cam of a route separately, and all route entirely (for this purpose it is necessary to press "All route" or on the gray button with an arrow which is placed to the right of the route name).