The road accident happens? The video data with road accident record is necessary? Then this service for you.

Cost of videoclips:


  • Video crashes (1 minutes) - 692 UAH
  • View the video crashes - 480 UAH. If you like to purchase the video the accident after viewed , you pay 312 UAH.
  • Video of the event without an accident up to 30 minutes. - 2400 UAH.
  • Video crashes with additional time up to 30 min. - 2400 UAH.
  • Terms of the sale, the cost of recording an video crash (or any other incident) with the right to use the media, is set on an individual basis.

In the demand it is necessary to specify the full address of the webcam (as it is specified on a site) and approximate time of road accident. The exact time will be defined by our system during search – search service FREE.
The demand can be left by phone (044) 390 17 75 or on an e-mail:

ATTENTION! The demand can be executed not later than in 48 hours after road accident.