22.03.2011 13:33
How to avoid traffic jams

Traffic jams - the bane of your existence, and a perfect waste of time.

This article will review a few ways you can try and cut traffic jams out of your life (and preserve your sanity).

1.    Map out some alternative routes. Look for at least two additional ways

you can complete your commute. Ideally, you can come up with five (even if some of them are different by only one street).

•     Review maps, both online and offline. Use different colored highlighters

on a paper map to explore routes. Online, many map sites offer alternate routes and "no highways" options.

•     Ask co-workers, or other people who make a similar commute. They may

know of a shortcut.

•     It also helps to know how to switch from one route to another, at

various points of your commute. That way, if you find out there's a sudden traffic jam ahead, you can adapt.

2.    Try the alternative routes. Do this on days when you can afford to be

late, if the route should turn out to take longer. The important thing is to leave your home at the same time you normally would, because if you leave early, you might be fooled into thinking that route is faster when it was really that it's just less crowded at that specific time (which most routes are, anyway--see the next step).

3.    Play with your timing. If your commute is one that is seemingly always

slow moving, consult with your employer about the ability to shift the start and stop time of the work day. Sometimes a shift of just an hour can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the vehicle.

4.    Check traffic reports before you leave. Traffic updates are available

on the radio, news, and VIDEOPROBKI.

5.    Use a GPS device with live traffic updates during your commute. Main  factors to consider are quality of traffic data.

6.    Get traffic updates on your mobile phone. Be careful with this,

however--checking mobile phone updates can be distracting while driving.

•     Use Twitter of VIDEOPROBKI. Find out how people are tweeting about traffic in your city and have those alerts sent to your phone.

•     You can also browse the web and check for live traffic updates on

various forums, but this draws your attention away from the road and is not recommended. Even if you're in a traffic jam, you might still bump into the person in front of you, or contribute to the jam by not moving ahead when a space opens up in front of you because you're too busy looking at your phone.

7.    Ditch the car altogether. Not only is it better for your sanity, but

it's better for the environment, too.

•     Commute By Bicycle

•     Use public transportation.

•     Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

•     Consider moving closer to your work.

8.    Motorbike. If you live in the Ukraine, riding a motorcycle

between lanes is permitted as long as it is done in a safe, prudent manner. You can drive right through traffic and not have to change your route.

9.    Move. The best solution may be to move to a city with less congestion.

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