18.08.2014 16:28

For mobile devices based on the Android OS we developed free application of VIDEOPROBKI.


The situation on the roads changes instantly, traffic jams may be formed per minute as a result of an accident,  repairing roads or due to other traffic events. The advantage of this service to others similar applications that the user can look at the situation on the road "with his own eyes" directly with road webcam in real time and independently assess the rate of road traffic or the complexity of the road accidents. And then make a decision. For example, during the March snowfall in 2013 in Kiev, all traffic services simply painted over in red all the roads and find out the real situation on the streets was possible only through the road Videoprobki's webcams.

Download from Google Play.приложение ВИДЕОПРОБКИ

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А где ещё камеры с Донецка?

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