18.03.2011 13:24
Monsters compete - to people a freebie

Navigating services had an interesting estimated parameter, like ARPU for cellular operators. The short name to it yet haven't thought up. It is the size defining how many of millions of km a day mobile users pass with maps of this or that service.

Google revealed that 40% of Google Maps usage is performed with a mobile device, amounting to 150 million mobile users. This number of users has grown three times since May 2010.
Google introduced a traffic rerouting feature in its Google Maps Navigation App on Android. Within this announcement the Mountain View company also said that more than 35 million miles are driven every day by their users.
Per se this number is not really meaningful, but it can be compared with numbers from other companies in the navigation field to get some insight about the usage of the free turn-by-turn navigation app from Google.
In October 2010 Nokia was indicating their users were driving 2.5 million km per day with Ovi Maps
In the fourth quarter 2010 Telmap - with around 4 million users - had 400 million km driven, meaning an average of 4.34 million kms per day ( 2.7 million miles). In the previous quarter - although with less users but thanks to the summer holidays - Telmap had around half a billion km driven with their turn-by-turn app.

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