17.03.2011 13:39

HELP POINTS are testing in Kiev.

Such devices are intended for reporting about crimes on the streets, fires, CAR CRASHES, accidents and other situations when people haven't other opportunities to inform the emergency services. In addition, one can simply contact the operator for a taxi service.

Developers HELP communication system said that they are doing final test works now and after that new system will be offered to organizations.  «The system is represented by a complex of equipment (vandal proof panel with a call button and built-in camera, optional small telephone booth, machine responsible for importing and transmitting over fiber-optic network) and software that enables citizens to use bilateral audio channel through the emergency communication line to call center. It is designed to receive messages from the public about the facts of a criminal nature, public disorder, accidents, natural disasters and other emergencies. Acting accordingly with the instructions placed directly on the booth next to the call button the subscriber contacts the call center. Simultaneously, the remote control records data on location and LIVE VIDEO alongside with the setting of the caller. To provide a clear picture in the dark, HELP communication system device can be equipped with infrared.» - said Leonid Penek, Technical Director Olli Trans.

The system allows remote establishing of visual and audio supervision of the communication system unites. Data from the emergency communication device is transferred to the call center where the duty officer responds to a message received from a subscriber (i.e. squad service). All alerts received as well as data on voice calls and video are recorded in the database.

Developers are confident that Help Units will be very useful for Cities that host Euro 2012.

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