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Over the years, the video surveillance of the formation of the congestion in the city has accumulated a huge archive that we decided to try to uncover the most typical causes of traffic congestion in the city. The baseline was the capital of Ukraine, although the same systemic factors seen in other major cities. So, in order of importance:

Roads and transport interchanges do not correspond to modern requirements, the number of cars they have already exceeded the norm.

For example, Moscovskiy avenue - as the main highway connecting the center of Kiev for residents Obolon: or Troeschina.

Or a left turn onto the Umanskaya street from Chokolovskiy Boulevard dri wishing to this maneuver much more, even on weekends. Traffic jam is formed directly on the eyes.


Karavayeva Dachi


By the way, the other way is to overpass the Industrial interchange, because there is always congestion. And there are many examples, especially during peak hours and on Friday. Experienced drivers know about these jams and try to avoid them.

Car accidents.

Accident, as opposed to the first point, is difficult to predict, although there are places in the capital with a high level of risk. As a rule, exits from the secondary roads on a busy highway, in the absence of additional lane.




It is also difficult to evaluate, and how long the accident will be a source of jam, after the arrival of traffic police and the process of issuance of the protocol also takes time.

Lack of parking spaces in busy areas.

Drivers have to park cars (for example, in shopping centers and markets), not only on the sidewalks, but the roadway under the prohibitory signs. Interestingly, these jams are not uncommon in such places and at weekends when people go shopping in the city center. And not only, for example, the auto market as soon as parking released, the flow starts to go.





Repair of roads.

Road workers lanes overlap, creating a narrow "neck" of travel. Relevant in this regard is the reconstruction of Pobedy Avenue.


Pobedy Avenue


Unpredictable road events.

For Kiev, soil erosion, landslides and collapse of the roadway - a frequent phenomenon. But the roadway is permanently transformed into a pedestrian zone, such as the summer of 2011 on the street Helen Teliha,.


Telihi Street



Uncontrolled intersections.

Broken traffic lights and no controllers from traffic police. Sometimes the aid of the drivers themselves. But more often at intersections observed collapse.


traffic lights is out of order



Popular activities.

Sometimes during the march protesters forget about the drivers and block the roadway. In the Ukrainian cities such celebrations on the roadway - a frequent phenomenon.


Dinamo Stadium


Tuples officials and delegations.

And these, too, are unexpected traffic jams, they can only predict the traffic police.


Pobedy Square


- Really waiting for travel white limo?

Weather disasters.

- Flooding of roads during heavy rains


Потоп в Киеве



- snowfall


snowfall in Kiev



- And just a light rain

Violation of the subway.

And to get to work right. People are transplanted to the ground transportation.


Svyatoshino subway station



Violation of the ground public electric transport.



Broken trolleybuses


and trams


 Трамвай сломался 





Trucks in Kiev



Work on updating the aerial platforms for advertising boards. It is interesting that from the outside it looks like a road works. Hung signs, furnish caps and it feels good. A roadway has immediately become one lane.


Замена рекламы на борде



Beginning of the school year or the New Year.

This is a difficult and challenging period not only for parents and students, but for drivers. Typically, the difficulties begin already in motion a week before the 1st of September, and on August 31 for a traditional, all traffic jams. In the capital returning students on their cars, and parents of schoolchildren are busy preparing children for the school year - are making a last purchase. New Year - no comment.

The review based on the recorded content online users.

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