12.10.2012 13:23

Events this road was recorded webcam project "videoprobki" on the street. Kaisarova.

Moving in the same direction with the street Kirovogradska on Street Kaisarova clash KAMAZ and vehicles.
Car tried to overtake a truck, but he himself was hit in the side.

Many car drivers do not know that freight transport right front side is "blind zone".

Recommend to look video archive of accidents that would not repeat the mistakes of others.

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Fri, 12/10/2012 - 21:16 — frozan

Ланос на 23 сек. повернул с проспекта на зеленую стрелку на красный сигнал, создал аварийную ситуацию для белого а/м и для камаза, а водитель белого не мог видеть этот ланос, т.к. перед перекрестком справа обзор закрыт шахтами лифта надземного перехода