29.08.2012 10:38
Garmin Bets on DAB for Real-Time Traffic in Europe

Garmin announced they will be launching in Europe a range of Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) that rely on digital radio broadcast (DAB) to receive traffic updates.

The first GPS navigation devices to be launched by Garmin with DAB will be in the United Kingdom where DAB has been rolled out a long time ago. INRIX will be the data provider in the country.
Garmin, who is currently in talks with data providers and broadcasters in Germany also expect to launch these products in this country in the first half of 2013.

Garmin will offer its 3D Traffic LIVE over DAB through lifetime subscription a model they have been successful with for “lifetime map updates.“
“With this new technology we are responding to the demand of our customers that want up to date information without having to worry about subscriptions or data packages", said Olaf Meng, PND product manager EMEA. "You can now receive the most accurate traffic information at no cost and in real-time - it's that simple."

With this announcement Garmin is following a different pace than TomTom which has been pushing for several years its cellular, two-way connected PNDs requiring a yearly or monthly subscription.
DAB Digital radio is however working only in a limited number of countries in Europe thus far.

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