20.07.2012 16:18
 Europcar Fined in Germany for Locating Cars without Renter’s Consent

Germany Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information has sanctioned Europcar car rental GmbH with a fine of €54,000 for illegal collection of personal data.

Following a complaint the privacy protection authority found out that Europcar was tracking the location of a fleet of 1,300 vehicles without the expressed consent of its customers which is illegal in Germany under the Federal Privacy Act.
According to Europcar, the location data was used to investigate thefts and to check the location of the vehicle versus the countries where the contract allowed the customers to driveThe amount of the fine was also influenced by the fact Europcar did not issue comprehensive data following the first request for information made by the privacy authority.
However, the €54,000 fine is actually the smallest damage to Europcar since the negative story was reported by the biggest media in Germany this week, right in the middle of the holiday season.
This news highlights the severity of the German law as it regards to location privacy and the need for international companies to adapt their location technology practices in order to comply to local laws.

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