25.11.2011 16:11

Large-scale accidents, in which hit the bus "Neoplan", two cars and three minibuses.

The driver of large bus "Neoplan" which moved from the side of the Sevastopol square, lost control, crashed into a minibus that stopped at the stop.

Minibuses from a powerful blow drove forward and crashed into a car that stopped at the traffic light. And specifically, minibus crashed into a passenger car "Volkswagen Polo", and that - in the "Niva", "Niva" - in the minibus and  minibus in the Bogdan. "Niva" and "Volkswagen" were caught between bus, both cars were seriously damaged.
A bus "Neoplan" after a blow to the minibus, drove onto the sidewalk, which brought down two pedestrians and crashed into a fence underpass. As a result of the accident injured 10 people.

In general, recently in Kiev twice the number of road accidents due to carelessness when drivers are injured pedestrians.