15.05.2020 12:45
15.05.2020 at 12:45 webcam № 97 at Moskovskyj avenue - Novokonstyantynivska St observed car crash

After the crash cars parked on the roadside
at least It is hard to say, minimum one cars involved in the accident. The indication of witnesses and road accident videorecording can help to define exact quantity of participants and a cause of accident. If it reaches court it is important to have the maximum quantity of proofs. After all according to article 251 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses proofs on affairs can be, including, indications of technical devices and the means having functions of a photo of filming, videorecording.

Car crash photo

To get the car crash video please contact our administration.


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Да, помню ту аварию. Тянучка была из-за этих ребята километра на три, не меньше.

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