Our mission

Traffic jams are not only a major contributor to the problem of air pollution by cars but also spend our time. Existing information services: radio, traffic websites, TV, SMS are producing data, which is frequently far from reality.

Our mission:

To give choice for monitoring local roads and weather conditions with “own eyes” using live video feeds from many cameras in Kiev. Website lets users see live traffic video by clicking camera locations presented on interactive road map. Videoprobki provide real-time, accurate and targeted content also on mobile phones (with option to select live views from any Videoprobki network camera and display it on screen).




  • Videoprobki focuses on ecological aspects. Thanks to Videoprobki's expertise in this field current resources can be used more efficiently. For example, city traffic management systems which provide travellers with the right information enable better control of traffic flows across the current road network.
  • Videoprobki focuses on economic aspects. Videoprobki's customers benefit from greater investment and planning security for future projects. They can take advantage of cost transparency and cost-saving potentials.
  • Videoprobki focuses on social aspects. Mobility has become an important basic requirement of our today's society. Videoprobki assists traffic infrastructure providers in intelligently meeting the demand for mobility and making the right decisions both today and in the future.